Seven Psychics (Shifter Squad, Book I)


I’ve seen professional, mainstream books with worse covers. And I mean that as a compliment.

We’ve got three primary characters here: Rambo wannabe from an 80’s mercenary B-movie, a Buckle model, and a wolf. The wolf appears the most confused about his presence on this cover, yet he garners most of the 3 stars I’m allotting.

I commend the author for putting in some real time and effort here to capture his/her target market. There’s no doubt about the genre unlike other self-pub books out there, so that should be recognized.

But the bedroom eyes from both humans are a little much for me. I prefer my protagonists not be able to win a staring contest against me. I looked up the other books in the series. Pretty much the same. It actually has 4 stars out of 1000 ratings on Amazon, which is really pretty good.

(10 points if you can find the guy’s nipples. Maybe the psychics took them.)


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