The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt


Let’s be clear: this book is nearly as awesome as its subject. Roosevelt the First remains as probably my favorite US President of all time, and I could talk about him all day. Especially having read this book.

As for the cover, like many biographies, is pretty unimaginative, opting for a portrait of Ted”Big Stick” Roosevelt. I’d like to think that his rapper name would’ve been T-Ruse. But it wins points for selecting such an intense and intimidating portrait. Roosevelt was passionate and fiercely independent to a fault, and I believe that is captured here.

As we learn from the book, though, Roosevelt actually had quite a sharp sense of humor, so I’d love to see a re-boot of the cover that coneys that a bit more. Also, we need a Teddy biopic stat. I think at one time, Martin “Goodfella” Scorsese and Leo “D-Cap” DiCaprio were working on an adaptation of this book, but I believe it has fallen by the wayside.


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