Trump: The America We Deserve


It seems fitting for the first post of the first full week of a new president to take a look at one of his books, the aptly (or ironically) named Trump: The America We Deserve. (With Dave Shiflett, whose name my autocorrect wants to change to “Shirley” because “Shiflett” is an utterly improbable surname.)

This cover is about what we should expect. TRUMP dominates the page and the picture has a certain 1993 Church Directory feel to it. The Donald’s (sorry, President The Donald) hair has been freshly ironed into place as his eyes pierce into the recesses of our souls.

Everything else is red, white, and blue, of course. While not his boldest book cover, it may be the most boring/normal. Especially when compared to this gem:

But I chose this one for its title and I don’t think I need to delve into the humor of the title at the risk of offending all 3 of my readers.

So, 2 out of 9. Need to pick it up, Mr. Precedent. Time to make book covers great again.


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