Two by Two


Two by Two, like so many mainstream books is more concerned with letting you know who it’s written by than what it’s called or what it’s about. Most of Sparks’ fans aren’t really concerned about what’s on the cover, and good for him that he’s made a lucrative living off of doing what he loves to do. If only we all were so fortunate!

That aside, I can’t say I love the cover. The pink and blue lettering seems an odd juxtaposition for the photo, which looks like it is stolen from a wedding photographer’s discard pile. And it builds an unnecessary sense of suspense: is the girl really a fairy? Is her face all made of hair? I guess I’ll have to read it to find out.

Points for the cover letting you k ow there’s a theme song for the book included, because, you know, vertical integration. I’ll wait for the movie trailer.


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