Killing the Rising Sun: How America  Vanquished World War II Japan


Vaguely racist and overlong multi-titles that can give Lord of the Rings a run for its money aside, let’s break down the cover of Bill O’Reilly’s book…

This cover is capable of rivaling almost any self-published by a 70-year-old first-time author book cover out there. The fact that Mr. O’Reilly, given his resources, could not do better than this is astounding.

Granted, his marketing department probably isn’t terribly concerned the cover will hurt sales. But they should be concerned about it hurting eyes.

-Stock-worthy photos of FDR and MacArthur? Check.

-Black-and-white nuclear explosion inside of Japanese WWII battle flag? Check.

Send it to the printer!

The biggest loser here (besides all of us) is Martin Dugard, whose name must be stuck on this sham of a cover forever and ever.

It could be worse, somehow. But it could be much better, even if the content is not. But that’s not what I’m judging here, of course.

C’mon, O’Reilly, step it up. O’Really.



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