The Audacity of Hope

I’ve not read this famous memoir that helped skyrocket (is that a verb?) the political career of Grammy Award-winner President Barack Obama. While I may disagree with many of his policy positions (and have agreed with others), I’ve always liked him as a human and will miss his personality.

Pretty simple cover, though it’s unfortunate that it looks like they were trying to crop him out and then the unfortunate fact that they have to put the A and U of “audacity” in white so it can. E read. Maybe he should’ve worn a white suit. Or just a white button-up. Or is it called a button-down? He looks appropriately audacious if not quite hopeful.

They seemed to have corrected both the cropping and coloring of the lettering issues with this version. He looks more hopeful here, but less audacious. That’s okay. It’s a hard balance to strike.


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