Fashion Cats

For this edition, a not-so-widely known book (unfortunately) with some overseas flair:

While I have a personal disdain/dislike for smaller felines, I love everything about this book both conceptually and in its cover execution. Anything that insults cats is a win for me, even if I risk alienating some readers with that comment. But I think cat lovers could get behind this too.

In one picture, it communicates to me everything I need to know about the contents and mission of the book without me having to wade through hours of mundane Amazon descriptions and reviews.

This 160-page coffee table book of fashionable cats dressed by Japan’s #1 Cat Tailor Takako Iwasu seems like a must-have for every well-educated home. It has to be the perfect ice-breaker for any imaginable situation and presumably holds the answer to world peace. It should be required reading for every member of Congress/Senate/Imperial Consul. This is a book of universal understanding and cooperation. This is the manifesto of Hope.

And where can I find the rest of the list for Japan’s top Cat Tailors and how can we get a reality show about them made? And not in the far future but right meow. I mean, now.


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