The Fault In Our Stars

Two covers, one book.

I think this is actually a really great cover. I’ve not read the book, but I like how the simple tri-color, sketch-style cover is playful enough to offset the pretentiousness of the book’s title. The blue is an incredibly friendly and fun shade that immediately catches the eye and holds it captive. And the chalk font is a particularly nice touch, the black and white cloud forms hinting at a struggle between the good and bad in life and our personal aspirations.

I have no interest in reading this book but the cover makes me want to buy it regardless of this fact. So, well done, Mr. Graphic Designer. Well done.

This is the cover for the movie tie-in edition. It’s really just the marketing poster which is common practice with movie tie-ins, which is a terrible practice. I’ve not seen the film either, but as much as this may capture the sobby, syrupy, YA angst of the movie, it makes for an awful book cover. It’s fine as a movie poster. Not great, not terrible. But it gives me no desire to read the book.


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