Alexander Hamilton

Given the current brouhaha over the happenings of a certain Vice-President Elect attending a certain Broadway musical that recently won somewhere around 133 Tony Awards, I thought this would be a fitting one to cover (pun intended).

I recently finished reading this Pulitzer-winning biography, and when I say “reading” I really mean “listening to on Audible.”

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It’s a fantastic book and should be required reading for every high schooler so that they can dislike Thomas Jefferson as much as I do now.

The cover artist was smart to stick with a classic portrait of our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury. He’s got that boyish smirk that lets you know he’s smarter than you and hints at a mischievous but brilliant plan.

This was especially smart as if they had opted to go with a $10 bill motif, it could have confused buyers about the actual price of the book. But believe me, it’s worth every Pence. Whoops, I mean, penny.


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