Where The Sidewalk Ends

Now for a book I’ve only read selections thereof: Where The Sidewalk Ends by the incomparable poet Shel Silverstein. With a name like that, you pretty much have no choice but to be some kind of artist.

This cover is outstanding. Not only is it by the author himself, but it captures the innocent whimsy that so characterizes his poetry. The invisible elongated arc created by the three figures of the dog, girl, and boy brings a sense of order to a picture expressing a world of unpredictable chaos.

Also, the presence of boy, girl, and dog creates a microcosm of the world: man, woman, and nature – and the disruptions created by man’s unending molding of the world, our violations of the eco-ethos of Mother Nature for the sake of our supposed progress as represented by the crumbling, unfinished sidewalk leading to nowhere. We don’t fully appreciate the gravity of our actions. If that doesn’t make a statement, I don’t know what does.

We don’t really know where we are going but we peer into the abyss of possibility and danger, much to the chagrin of Nature.

Fantastic cover, and while I’ve never read straight through it, fantastic collection of poems. Just watch out for this guy:


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