oh yeah, this still exists

i warned you a long time ago, that while i love to write, i’m terrible at this “blogging” thing.

to be honest, in the whirlwind that’s been this past year, i kind of forgot this even existed. lo and behold, it exists.

let me explain the aforementioned whirlwind…

in august 2014, i started a new day job that ended up taking up way more time than was necessary. this greatly impeded my ability to write/be a human being.

in early 2015, we moved and in the summer, i started a newer job with a media company, thus ending my too-prolonged sojourn through the professional world of social work.

on the bright side, though, i learned that my screenplay for the Nicholl Fellowships placed in the top 20%, which is not shabby considering the sheer amount of screenplays submitted. granted, probably 25% of submitted works for that contest have no business being there, but that’s beside the point. with a few touch-ups and edits, i plan to resubmit it and see what happens this year, especially since i have not been able to complete a new screenplay in some time.

for a while, i was working on an indie film project with an online acquaintance. this ultimately fell through, but i was pleased with how the script came out and it may yet become something one day.

and in the meantime, the novel continues to develop. i received great editing and feedback from two trusted associates, and while i didn’t love this meant me doing some major rewrites and removing some things that i loved (but alas, i was the only one who loved those things), i have to admit it has emerged better than before.

the current plan (not currant plan, mind you), is to wrap up editing from these notes and utilize createspace for self-publishing. i had two publishers express interest before this last massive round of rewrites, but both fell through, and while i would stand a better chance now, there’s a side of me that really just wants to do self-publish with this novel because then i can:

1. keep more of the royalties for what would certainly not be a best-seller anyway
2. retain the rights for such a time and in the unlikely event that it became a best-seller and garnered the interest/greed of a larger publishing house
3. print on demand, because i like to demand things

the moral of the story is persistence. that is key in writing. or anything, really. persistence, persistence, persist-okay,  you get the idea.

i promise (but not really) to “blog” more often.

at least once a year.


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