what to do with waiting

no one likes to wait. i’ve never met that guy who loves stand-still (drive-still?) traffic or that girl who loves being put on hold. especially for those of us living in the “West” (west of what?), waiting may as well be Hell.

over time, i’ve learned how to deal with it (a little) better.

i just recently changed day jobs, which is half of the reason for why i haven’t posted in so long. the other half is sheer forgetfulness that this “blog” even exists. and the other half is my lack of mathematical reasoning.

but a few months ago, i sent off a query submission to a publisher for my novel. i didn’t really expect to hear anything back since i’ve become comfortable with rejection.

then, behold, they replied back. but i was still expecting a, “thanks, but no thanks,” especially since it was just a little card. i had to read it three times before it really sank in that they were requesting the whole manuscript for consideration.

and then i began to gently pressure my editing friend to finish up her notes so that i could do a rough-ish re-write and send in the manuscript. so i did.

and now i’m just waiting to hear, well, anything..

but it hasn’t been that bad because i’ve tried to keep myself occupied with both the new day job and with working on a couple other projects. i was only reminded today that i was still waiting their response because another (tiny) publisher i had spoken with months ago contacted me about their interest.

when i first started entering writing contests, i would agonize each passing day until the results were revealed. this meant i wasted valuable time that i could have been producing more material and honing my craft, worrying about something i had absolutely no control over the outcome of (what a weird sentence that was – but i’m too lazy right now to edit, but not quite lazy enough to not include this over-long parenthetical).

so my advice is – don’t wait. even if you really are waiting. keep writing. but don’t keep writing/editing the thing you’re waiting on, because then you’ll just beat yourself up about the new mistakes/changes you discover. instead, start something new, tackle an old unfinished project, edit another piece – the point is to do something.

anyway, that’s my two (and a half) bits on waiting.


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