out of the darkness of rejection

i decided it was time for a sporadic post, since that’s all anyone can get out of me these days. even my illiterate child has to glance over my status updates to get an idea of what i’m up to.

in other words, the day job has been busy. busy. busy. bizzy even. and most day-job writers can say the same thing. but here’s what you should never say: that you’re so busy you can’t work on your writing.

not to contradict a previous post, i’m not saying you have to write every day. but what i’m saying is that you can carve out some kind of time each week to develop yourself as a writer.

-are you reading books?
-are you writing down story ideas before they flutter away?
-are you researching publishers guidelines?
-are you reading writing advice columns?

because there’s no such thing as being stagnant in this game. if you’re not doing something to develop your writing, you’re automatically regressing.

for example, this week for me, i haven’t been able to do any real writing, but i’ve been focusing on making a killer (i hope) cover letter for my novel because i recently had a publisher request to read the full manuscript.

this came as a surprise. i’m much more accustomed to rejection at this stage of my craft. so i tell myself this just postpones the rejection a little bit longer. we’ll see.


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