i’ve been having ideagasms lately.

one of them struck me as very little more than an idea – no characters, nothing. ran it by my wife about whether she thought it was worth pursuing. a heated discussion ensued, but on the other side of it, she said, “no one’s ever done anything like that before,” which i took to be a good thing.

to walk a bit on the “dirty” side for a bit – just like orgasms, ideagasms are better when shared with someone. that’s why i shared mine with my wife.

as a writer, you need someone you can share your ideas with, so that you don’t end up like this guy:

not to say that his work isn’t unique or valuable, but that maybe if he’d had someone to share it with, then something could have actually happened.

many writers (myself included) like to fashion themselves as loners, but the fact is that we need others along on the journey.

and that’s where this post must climax.


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