less writing, more thinking, and then more writing

and we’re back.

sorry for the silence. not that anyone reads this. had a last-minute trip to Japan come up and am just now back and recovering from jet lag. i felt like a zombie my first day back at work, and certainly in no condition to write. i’m just starting to write myself. right myself? wright myself? whatever.

writing has been slow lately, but my mind has not, so i know it’s not writer’s block. it’s more a lack of opportunity to sit down. i’m not one of those who can write for just ten minutes and be done for the day. i need a large block of time and the large block i need has been absent lately.

i wish i could be one of those who could just slowly grind things out. maybe my writing would even be better for it (doubtful).

but especially when in the editing process – like i am now with the novel – i need the large space of time so that the narrative is more cohesive in my head and so i can see where it’s less than cohesive on the page.

so this has given me time to think and re-evaluate what my goals are. i still want to finish this novel this year, get input from friends, start shopping for an agent/publisher/whatever. but i also recognize that probably can’t all happen in this year. after all, i’ve been working on this thing since 2007, so what’s the rush?

i have decided, however, not to enter some screenplay contests i had been thinking about. i’ve entered both before and had originally planned to do so again this year, but the more i think about it, the more i think i need to let the screenplays sit a bit longer. maybe at the end of this year, i can revisit them and assess their contest-worthiness for 2015. we’ll see. but since i definitely won’t be finishing or starting any new screenplays soon, it means being able to stay more focused on the novel, which is a good thing ( i mean the focus is a good thing, not necessarily the novel).

so here’s to getting back to writing again soon. very soon. i have some woodworking/artistic pursuits i hope to get going again soon too, but we shall see what happens.


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