zen and the art of stupidity

stupidity is rampant.

by the way, how good of a word is rampant?

pretty good, i know. not the best. but pretty good.

as the world becomes more and more online, we have so much capacity as the human race to become more knowledgeable about each other, more understanding, more compassionate, more learned, and so on.

instead, i see a huge chunk of society that becomes more stupid. and some of them are (academically-speaking) smart people. but even smart people can become stupid.

any time you are completely closed off to hearing someone else’s views – even if it grates against your own – i would say you’re being stupid. it does not make you a hypocrite to consider someone else’s views with respect, even when you strongly disagree. it makes you a hypocrite when you are disrespectful.

a little over a week ago, the stupidity of the United States (of America) was proudly put on display when, during the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola ran a new commercial of “America the Beautiful” being sung in many different languages.

the smarter half (quarter? 1/8th?) of Americans not only liked the commercial, but praised its originality and beauty. i don’t care for Coca-Cola. but the ad itself is very moving.

but stupidity is often louder and the internet exploded with outrage from people who couldn’t believe that the Coca-Cola corporation would put an “American” song in other languages.

now, you may say, “n.o., aren’t you being hypocritical for not considering their viewpoint when you just said you should consider others’ viewpoints with respect?” sure – maybe i am being hypocritical for calling these people stupid. but i only call them that for their inability to appreciate the message of the commercial and getting fixated on something so trivial.

i know i’m behind on this topic and that no one cares anymore. that’s why i’m “blogging” about it now, in fact. i prefer for the heat to die down sometimes instead of being in the thick of it. no one reads this “blog” any way, so i’m pretty safe from harm.

i don’t care who you are or where you come from: black, white, gay, straight, albino-sexual, liberal, conservative – as a whole, we have to be more understanding of each other and more understanding of others. none of us are the center of the universe – and i forget that myself a lot. which makes me pretty good at the art of stupidity too.


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