writer’s clock

have you ever gotten a case of writer’s clock?

as opposed to writer’s block, writer’s clock is what happens when you are so inspired and busy with writing that you completely lose track of time, forgetting to eat, forgetting to go to that job interview, forgetting to go on that date, etc.

there can be mixed emotions with writer’s clock. on one hand, it can be elating in realizing that you’ve been writing and writing and didn’t even realize how much time you spent on it.

i had a job once where i only worked Friday-Sunday, which gave me most of Monday-Thursday to pretty much do or write whatever i wanted to. it was nothing for me to spend eight hours in a coffee shop every day on my laptop. now, not all of that time was spent writing – some of it was me wasting time, but i spent a good amount of it either writing or reading. it feels good to be able to do that, and sometimes i really miss those days.

on the other hand, sometimes when you get writer’s clock, it can be frustrating – especially if it means you forgot to do some other important thing that you really needed to get done. because, at that point, it’s not like you have a good excuse (food poisoning, sudden blindness). you’re only excuse is that you “lost track of time,” which ultimately just makes you sound aloof and irresponsible.

when it comes down to it, i suppose i will take writer’s clock any day over writer’s block. but still, it’s always good to keep track of time so as not to lose sight of reality. without reality, after all, our stories are much less interesting.


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