the square

i was home sick yesterday. nothing major. chest and throat type stuff.

anyway, it was a good chance to do some editing on the novel. but i also took a couple hours to watch a documentary that got made last year by Netflix called “The Square.”

it’s about the Egyptian revolution from the 2011 so-called “Arab Spring.” it was a fascinating look at what really happened in Tahrir Square that year and exposed a lot of the misinformation that made it into the Western media.

i’m glad that i have friends who were actually living in Cairo up to the revolution and were able to provide more accurate over what was going on, what people were upset about, and especially the bad information in Western news following the revolution.

as writers, we have an obligation to investigate our world. even if you’re a fiction writer, it’s important to know what is going on around the world and also, i think, to distrust the first bit of news you hear and to question whether you’re getting the whole story.

our media companies are all in a race to be the first to break a story – and what happens as a writer when you rush things? you produce crap. same with journalism. so over here we tend to get some really crappy, not to mention very biased, reporting.

so my recommendation is to watch this film. it’s on Netflix.

The Square


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