worst "blogger" ever

i admit i’m terrible at this “blogging” thing.

it’s hard for me to make it a priority, when:
(a) i don’t make any money off of it, and
(b) i could be using the time to write other things, and
(c) third final reason to be written later

i really admire people who can make a living out of blogging. i know some might scoff at that saying, “how can you admire someone who literally just writes their thoughts for a living?”

i’ll tell you how.

sometimes i get tired of my thoughts, my own voice, etc. sometimes i need a break from me. that’s why i think taking a break from writing isn’t always a bad thing. i think the person who spends too much time in their own writing becomes self-centered and narcissistic. sometimes, you need to come up to the surface, breathe, and take a leak. you just have to.

on that note, though, i’m going to make a concerted effort to do this more often and not just once a week like i have been.

though it strangely makes me feel better that i’ve had reasons to not “blog.” i’ve been working on a lot of house projects – finally have finished the dining room table and chairs – and have moved on to slightly easier tasks, like hanging up pictures and such domesticated items.

also, i want to carve out the time to read some of the Oscar-nominated screenplays. always easy to find this time of year. if i can, i’ll try to track down most of them and share the links. you should read them too.


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