the older i get, the more i realize the wisdom of Master Yoda’s words:

“do or do not. there is no try.”

i find this is especially true in my writing.

when i “try” to write – in other words, when i’m trying to write well (the next American masterpiece) – it goes awry, askance, awful.

but when i do write, it goes a lot better. when i just write for the simple pleasure of writing, it is so much smoother vs. when i’m trying to write something tremendous. that doesn’t mean i won’t need to go back and edit, of course, i’m sure i will. but at least there’s something on the page worth editing.

the conventional wisdom is to write every day. i admit i fail at this conventional wisdom often. i wish i could write every day, even if it’s total crap – which a lot of it probably would be (see: this “blog” is a prime example).

i think it’s a good motivator to plan on writing every day, but some writers “try” to write every day and it just leads to burnout, and thus, an indefinite cessation of writing for the foreseeable future.

and that’s, in fact, one of the more selfish but good reasons to write something like a “blog.” i don’t particularly feel like writing this right now. but i know it’s good for me if not for anyone else. c’est la vie (seize the vie).

so my advice to myself is, on a daily basis, don’t try. just do. just write. and let happen what happens. after all, you can always go back and hit “delete,” which i have done any number of times in my writing life.

in other news, i’d love to finish today’s post, but i have some other


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