christmas: a murder story

Christmas is tomorrow for those of you who follow a Western calendar. it’s a strange time of year in that it seems to mix so much of good and bad together. i have made no secret of it that i have a love/hate relationship with this holiday season.

gift-giving – i like to give gifts. deal with it.
extra time off – everyone needs a break and it’s a nice chance for some “extra” time.
family – you get to spend time around people that you may not have seen since the last holiday.
movies – though not all holiday movies are great, there are always great movies that come out during december (Oscar season) and it’s a good chance to go catch a flick or two or seven with the extra time
parties – you get to each a bunch of tasty, unhealthy crap and can justify it because it’s a holiday season.

gift-receiving – we did “secret santa” for the first time at my day job. i hate what i got. whoever my secret santa was either doesn’t know me at all (and didn’t care to find out more about me) or they were actually a secret krampus instead. i’m hoping for the latter.
extra time off – only means having to do a butt load of extra work before you leave and then when you return.
family – you know what i’m talking about. while there’s some people you want to be around, there’s really some you don’t. being around some of my family is like having to hug Fox News and eat the food that Fox News brings you and pretend you like it.
music – though some Christmas music is tasteful, there is so much of it that is not. i often want to blow out the brains of the little drummer boy. in that scenario, “pa-rum-pum-pum-pum” would also be the sound of the semi. (note: i don’t own any guns – i’m spiritually and ethically opposed to firearms)
parties – too many parties. i’m tired. i just want to eat some vegetables. even if it’s just those baby carrot sticks everyone says are now poisonous or something. is that too much to ask for?

so here’s to hoping that as you celebrate Christmas – or whatever other tradition you celebrate – you enjoy it and at least get some good writing done. for those of you entering contests in 2014, hope you’re able to finish polishing your works and that you have the best of success.


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