never perfect

i promised my wife that she would have a new dining room table in December. not sure if i will accomplish that goal. i’ve been so busy with other stuff, i haven’t had as much time to work on this table, and my design didn’t quite pan out the way i originally intended, so i’ve had to improvise along the way.

no matter how accurate i think my measurements are, or how careful i try to be, it doesn’t matter – i’m never perfect.

i’m not trying to be philosophical. (Lord, kill me if i ever get to that point.)

i used to justify my lack of perfection in carpentry as, “well, i just need better tools” or “i need more space to work.” but now i have better tools and more space to work and though this has substantially helped my carpentry, i still make bad cuts, i still am off by 1/16 of an inch, i still will need wood filler to patch a hole, and i could go on.

but i won’t.

…or will i?

no, i won’t.

but at least i can see it coming together. i still have more work to do – sanding, wood filling, putting together the second table top (it’s an “unfold” style dining table i designed to maximize space), stain – but at least it has gotten to the point of looking like a sturdy table.

i also have to face the fact that i’m my own worst critic and i see every single little tiny flaw, whereas probably no one else will ever notice them.

i don’t think you can apply that to writing. i rarely notice my flaws in writing while i’m writing. it’s usually not until later or when someone else points it out. at least with writing, you can always go back and edit, revise, print a new edition, and so on. with carpentry, at some point, you just have to say, “it’s finished” and let it be. forever.

so if you thought i was going to make carpentry some kind of metaphor for writing…you were wrong. serves you right. i just wanted to talk about my new table.



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