why i decided to start a blog (welcome to 2005)

let’s start with the basics.

i hate the word “blog.” it’s awful and should disappear entirely from the English lexicon. and not to already get off track, but how great is the word “lexicon”? if a car manufacturer made a model called “Lexicon,” i would buy it. unless it was made by Ford.

but on a more serious note – when developing the technology to publish our crappy, selfish thoughts online for all the world (wide) web to read, we couldn’t come up with a better word than “blog”? really?

even e-journal or e-diary or e-diarrhea would be a better name for this bastardization of the bastardized-enough English language. it just sounds like someone wanted to combine the words “bog” and “log.”

but i digress.

there are several reasons i decided to start this blog.


(you don’t know it, but i just got up to make urine before continuing)

REASON I (1, for those of you not fluent in Roman Numerals):
to get filthy, filthy rich.

see: Reason I (1):

REASON III (sideways ladder):
i love to write, regardless of whether my writing is read or not. or whether my writing is red or not.

REASON IV (ivy):
the soundest advice in blogging is to pick a subject, stick with that subject, and hopefully it will take off. well, screw that. what if i don’t want to pick a subject? what if i care too much about too much to pick one thing? maybe that would be wisest, but i’ve never claimed to be very wise. this isn’t so much a reason as it is a fact. but my primary subject will be writing, though i can’t claim to be a very good writer either. (wait, is it well writer? goodly? great, let’s go with “great.”) i can’t claim to be a very great writer.

and those are my reasons, though i’m sure as this thing develops i will change my mind.

and please don’t criticize me for using one of the template designs. i already feel bad enough as it is.

so if you are a reader, i apologize for wasting your time, but i don’t feel too bad, because you’re choosing to waste your time here as well. so i guess we can waste it together – yet another way to get wasted if you were looking for one.


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